Stephanie Dwyer

Bottle Tree & Southern Folklore Metal Artist

Stephanie Dwyer is a Southern folklore metal artist who's gained notoriety for her sculptural bottle trees. Stephanie's art can be seen across the country in civic installations and private collections.

Stephanie Dwyer Bottle Tree

Stephanie Dwyer

Deeply influenced by the folklore of the Mississippi Delta, Stephanie Dwyer creates bottle trees with an artistry and passion never seen before. Stephanie travels the country, soaking up inspiration and installing art displays for public and private viewing.

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Bottle Tree & Metal Art

With flowing forms and signature flourishes, Stephanie's bottle trees are like no other. Stephanie has continually evolved her exploration of the bottle tree form, even creating signature pieces like bottle tree chandeliers, bird baths, and archways.

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Studio Workshop

Stephanie encourages visitors to travel to Paris, Tennessee to see her studio workshop and visit her sanctuary for foster dogs and cats. She lives and breathes creativity and has set about to immerse her work in a space of inspiration.

Contact Stephanie Dwyer for public installation art or private commission information or to visit her workshop.



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