About Stephanie

We’re all connected, and bottle trees are bridges where we can put our differences aside and enjoy what’s in front of us together.

Stephanie Dwyer is a metal artist who’s breathed new life into bottle trees by elevating them into fine art sculptural objects and spreading the stories of bottle tree folklore.

Stephanie’s trees evoke themes of nature, renewal, and rebirth. Her most iconic tree is inspired by the blowing winds of Hurricane Katrina.

While learning metal art, Stephanie became enamored of the bottle tree mythology. In African folklore bottle trees guard the home and trap spirits called “haints,” that are drawn to the brightly-colored bottles and dissipate with morning’s light.

These trees still possess magic. While traveling the country bringing her work to private collections, art fairs, galleries, and public installations, Stephanie has found that bottle trees bring diverse audiences together to celebrate folklore and community.

When not in the welding shop or on her travels, Stephanie is a passionate animal rescuer and collects critters at her studio in Tennessee.

Installation and Commission Opportunities

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